for Spacesaver Mock-Up

This website showcases what Viking Metal is, what products are available, and so much more.

I was tasked to design which is a company that Spacesaver acquired. I knew our museum color is purple but I had to do some research and figure out what was going to be the best way to showcase what Viking Metal is and what’s available. The Image slider on the home page is designed to bring life by some movement to the site. Within the slider I wanted Calls to Action for more common questions. This way if the viewer knows what they want or even if they don’t there are some prompts to help viewers along.  After the first scroll you will see the five storage solutions available depending on what you are storing. The next section shows credibility with the amount of project engineers, number of storage consultants, and years of experience. Then we have some really awesome case studies to see the proof.

Product Pages

The next main focus I was tasked with developing our product pages. Initially, you see the title below that is an explanation of what that is.  Next, depending what product page you are on is the options available to you.  After, that we go into some sort of call to action that correlates with the page you are on. This is a great way for the viewer to get more information on what they are interested in and we can capture their email. Finally, the next couple sections get into the logistics as far as options, applicable collections, specs with downloads (again to give the viewer more info and to capture emails.) I chose awesome cover boxes A. to add movement and B. an interesting way to display the kind of cabinet and another download about that specific cabinet.

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