Southern Belle Tea Mock-up

Package design

Southern Belle Tea Bottle Mock-Up

Southern Belle Tea is a product package design. The project details include target market which is women ages 25-40. This is for women who enjoy tea. Tea is also native to Southern states which is the inspiration for the name. I want the colors to be inviting and complimentary of each other.

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Beginning stages

This design took a couple iterations and the design overall evolved. It was really fun adding the leaves to the letters. This version was before the green was added.

Another version

This version is getting closer to the final version but after adding the mint green in a box format it didn’t feel right. I knew the mint green was right because it brought the other colors together. This is when I started experimenting with the shapes and where does this mint green compliment the whole design the best. After many different variations, the best result ended up being a circle to pull the whole thing together.