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Rise Mock-Up

Please enjoy this watercolor painting called “Rise.”

Thank You

Thank you for viewing. Here are some more details about the project and the process.

A break down of the painting

I found this inspiration on Pinterest and I knew I wanted to paint this. I love the intense colors and the pose of the hand.  It reminds me of a zombie rising out of the ground, which I’m not in love with zombies by any means but I’ve watched The Walking Dead.

Initially, I drew the hand with pencil on the watercolor paper and then it was time to start painting. For watercolor paintings you work light to dark, achieving this with multiple layers. Watercolor paintings require lots of time and patience.  It’s a nice way to relax and to work on your patience at the same time.

This painting was easy to work on because of the different colored sections. I started with the background because it was one solid color and it felt nice completing a large area right away. Then, I worked from the top of the hand down, so I wouldn’t accidentally put my arm on an area that I already painted. After painting the whole hand then it was a fun to do the finishing touches. I added all of the black to the hand which pulled the whole painting together.

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