Oregon Lookbook Mock-Up

The Oregon Lookbook tells the story of the Oregon athletics storage solutions ranging from football, basketball, and softball.



  • BY:

    Christina Lillge

What is this document about?

This lookbook is about how Spacesaver helped the University of Oregon create athletic storage system that protects valuable assets, streamline workflows, and boosts team pride. These storage systems provide storage for football, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and acrobatics, and softball. The Spacesaver systems are designed specifically for each sport that is using them.

Why I designed the layout this way!

A Closer Look at Oregon Athletics starts with an awesome glamor shot of football players to grab your attention. The first spread is an introduction to what this lookbook is about, using the yellow “L” brackets to bring attention to main points throughout this lookbook. I was lucky to have really great photos to work with and I wanted to use full spreads to show these awesome storage solutions. To balance that, the next spread I wanted to have white space to A. show the images and then B. be able to tell the story with words using the “L” brackets to reiterate the main points.  I want viewers to be able to go through this lookbook and understand the story without reading a full-length book.

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